Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Create 50+ niche sites by this Sunday!...

In exactly 8 minutes and 48 seconds, you're going to KNOW *exactly* how to create unlimited adsense and affiliate sites of your very own, using an exclusive FR'EE pc. of software that I'll tell you how to get your hands on in just a moment...

Watch this *exclusive* video that we released for the very latest version of our "Instant Niche Site Builder" software:

Instant Niche Site Builder

(The video is exactly 8 minutes and 48 seconds long -)

3 Things You MUST Know:

1. The Instant Niche Site Builder is *exclusive* software, ONLY available to members of IGR at:

2. There is *ZERO additional cost* for the Instant Niche Site Builder software. You will have automatic license to create unlimited web-sites with the Instant Niche Site Builder as a member of IGR.

3. Yes, full blown adsense and affiliate sites of your very own *really can* be easily built in just 3-5 minutes each! Check out the quality of the sample site made within the above video!

4. The INSB software is *not* currently mentioned on our public sales pages. But be assured that you will have full and immediate access to it the moment you join IGR through this link:

You could very easily, and very realistically have MULTIPLE sites set up by this very evening if you take action now!

Simply join IGR through the link above. Login to the IGR member area. And go to the "Instant Niche Site Builder" to begin creating your arsenal of sites!

Here For Your Success,

Cindy Curtis

P.S. Please note that you'll also have access to a TON of other benefits and features as an IGR member, including another huge "unlisted" benefit called our "Instant Newsletter Generator!" ---> if you want to build a list and make~money with newsletters, this is a MUST HAVE!